How to Ensure Your Stylist at Platinum Salon ROC Understands Your Hair Goals

Effective Communication for Achieving Your Ideal Hairstyle

To ensure your stylist at Platinum Salon ROC understands your hair goals, follow these steps:

Book a Consultation

Schedule a consultation before your main appointment. This gives you and your stylist time to discuss your goals in detail without the pressure of a ticking clock.

Bring Visual Reference

Bring pictures of hairstyles, colors, and cuts you like, as well as examples of what you don’t like. Visuals can help your stylist understand your vision more clearly.

Be Detailed and Honest

Clearly explain what you want, including specifics about length, color, texture, and style. Don’t hesitate to mention past hair experiences, your daily hair routine, and any concerns you have.

Discuss Hair History

Inform your stylist about any previous chemical treatments, current hair condition, and any hair issues you’ve experienced. This context can influence the approach your stylist takes.

Ask for Professional Input

Encourage your stylist to share their professional opinion. They might have insights or suggestions that can enhance your desired outcome while maintaining hair health.

Set Realistic Goals

Understand that some hair transformations may require multiple sessions. Be open to your stylist’s recommendations on achieving your goals over time.

Talk About Products

Discuss any favorite products you use or any allergies you have. This helps your stylist choose the right products for your hair type and goals.

Follow the Salon’s Protocol

Platinum Salon ROC has specific protocols and education systems in place. Trust in their process and follow any pre-appointment advice they provide.

Provide Feedback

After your appointment, give feedback on your experience and the results. This helps your stylist make any necessary adjustments for future visits.

By following these steps, you can ensure your stylist at Platinum Salon ROC fully understands your hair goals and works towards achieving the best results for you.