Our Philosophy

Making a new you

cuttingCutting philosophy

The team at Platinum is trained extensively in Principle Based Design. Trends change but principles are constant truths that serve as the foundation to create any new trend that may emerge. Our entire team is grounded in this cutting system and can easily breakdown any picture presented to them and immediately know how to execute the cut you desire. We are also extensively trained in face shape analysis to pair the perfect hair cut design to compliment each of our guests to create their signature look.



Color philosophy11890994_868454563243978_4727239293236920115_n

Coloring techniques are constantly evolving which is why we are relentless in mastering the latest innovations. From balayage to babylights and vibrant fashion colors we bring the looks from the magazines and runways to the salon. Using Redken color we achieve optimum results with color that is true to tone and saturated with long lasting rich vibrancy and luminous shine. Every stylist’s eye is honed to recognize the perfect hue to compliment eye color and skin tone. Whether you want your color to whisper, talk, or shout our team can achieve your vision and teach you how to maintain your look.

styleStyling philosophy

This is where we truly set ourselves apart from our competitors. It comes down to our stylists also being educators to our guests. The styles we can achieve in the salon are recreated every day by our clientele at home. This is made possible by our team taking the time to select the right products, tools, and techniques to create each vision and passing that knowledge on through styling instruction in the salon and our social media. This is our point of difference and it shows on every person who has the Platinum Experience.


What we have to offer you

Pricing is available through our Scheduling Page on Vagaro

For your convenience we offer you online booking. To ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for, we have set up the service choices so that you can build your own Platinum Experience. We have included descriptions of some our different services and a step by step guide to help you put it all together.


Step 1:

Do we need a consultation?

  • We suggest that this be added if you are new to the salon or trying a new stylist on our team.
  • If you are looking to make a big change from your current look.
    (Drastic color changes please call the salon)
  • If neither apply skip to Step 2


Step 2:

Choose color/texture service

  • Descriptors of each service are listed on the scheduling app
  • If you are not interested in a color/texture service skip to Step 3

Step 3:

Choose your haircut
*If not needing a cut skip to Step 4
(all cuts include blow dry style)

  • Barbered Cut
  • Short cut
  • Mid-Length Cut
  • Long Cut

Step 4: 

Choose your finish

  • Blow dry style
  • Flat iron or curling iron finishing
  • Natural Curl Finish


There are also services that can be added on or scheduled by themselves such as waxing and conditioning treatments. Formal styling for events and occasions are available as well. If you are interested in extensions please call the salon to schedule. Of course if you have any questions and would like our team to assist you in building your Platinum Experience don’t hesitate to call the salon during business hours, send us an email or message us on Facebook. We look forward to working with you! Now…let’s get started!!!!