Joe Chesbro

Owner/Director of Design Education, Redken Artist, Level Five Stylist

Do you ever want to just trust your stylist to always keep you looking good and on trend without having to always bring ideas with you? Well…you’re going to love Joe! As a national educator for Redken 5th Avenue NYC it’s his job to know what is current and what’s coming to the hair world. Always the artist, Joe likes to explore where his creativity can take him whether it be a runway, magazine shoot, teaching in salons across the country, or doing hair on movie sets. No matter where he goes you’ll always find him behind his chair again doing what he loves. Connecting with people and making them fall in love with their hair.

Anne Chesbro

Owner/Director of Design Color, Redken Artist, Level Five Stylist

As soon as you meet Anne you will ask yourself, “Has she known me my whole life?” Her ability to connect with people is but one of her many talents. She has become one of Redken 5th Avenue’s top educators and her knowledge of color goes unmatched in our industry. Her work behind the chair will have you leaving the experience wishing you had found her sooner.

Megan McVeigh

Leadership Coach/Level Five Stylist

For Megan, this career has been more ripe with unforeseen potential and moldable success than she could have imagined. In a world full of routine and structure, she found her true passion lies in the mystery of the unknown. Whether it be in the excited conversations that happen behind that chair and within the walls of the Platinum Salon or the everyday strategizing, goal setting and creating. Nothing is the same, nothing is certain and there are obstacles beyond every turn. Megan LOVES to take on this challenge. Every morning, she refills her cup of energy and pours it into salon guests and the salon company. She makes it her personal responsibility to help those around her feel beautiful, capable and memorable. Creating connections is what has made her a successful Hairstylist and Team Lead within the Platinum Team. Whether you reserve your time with Megan for her expertise in blonding, precision color blending or balayage – She can’t wait to meet you!

Antonia Carufe

Education Coordinator/Level Four Stylist

If you’re looking to sit with someone who listens to understand and is driven by force to succeed, Nia is the stylist for you. She brings an exciting hunger to the Platinum Experience that is spontaneous and contagious. Specializing in several extensions methods, personalized coloring that fits your lifestyle. Although you can’t take Nia home with you, she will help you personalize an at home routine and give you all the knowledge to create your look at home. She has become a fast talent within the company. Great hair ( and internal happiness) is an appointment away with Nia

Charissa Michel

Level Two Stylist

Charissa’s calm, cool and collected presence helps provide a relaxing environment for all of your salon visits. Specializing in formal styling, lived in blonde creations and vivid colors, she is the perfect person to visit when you are looking to pamper yourself. Outside of the salon Charissa is dedicated to learning ASL so she can offer her services for the deaf and hard of hearing community as well. If you are ready for your stress free Platinum Experience secure your reservation NOW with Charissa

Zia Harvey

Level Two Stylist

Are you looking to change your hair color without the fear of damage? Meet Zia Harvey, Associate stylist at Platinum Salon. Being a blonde herself she has had the desire to learn all ways to preserve the health of your hair. Zia has prided herself in product knowledge, healthy blonding techniques and proper styling regimens to maintain the integrity of your hair. If you are looking to achieve the perfect shade of blond with no brass and no damage schedule your next visit with Zia today.

Cameron Boshnack

Level Two Stylist

Cameron is seeking clients who want to have FUN with their hair and try things before the trend chasers give the go ahead. She believes who does your hair matters- their point of view and reference points matter. Using principles of design and personal insights with each client, Cameron creates an individual look that emboldens the wearer. She chose to specialize in perms knowing that they are straight magic for her clients. Inspired by street styles abroad with a fashion background, her dream is to create unique looks head to toe. Highly sought out as a one – of – a – kind hairstylist she says, “let’s go gorgeous – get in the freakin’ chair”


Level Two Stylist
Redken Specialist Noelle, is a dual licensed Blonde and Balayage enthusiast. Not being a natural blonde herself she’s always put extra love into creating beautiful healthy blonde tones and “lived in” looks with creative balayage techniques.
Not only can she also offer you luxurious length she can exceed unrealistic hair color goals with BabeHair extensions. Whether you experience her fiery and fierce or bubbly and sweet side while in her chair, you’re guaranteed a wonderful time and amazing results!


Level Two Stylist

If you’ve ever thought “the blonde struggle is real,” Chloe understands through her own experience and is eager to help. Whether it be at home care for your color, or achieving your perfect blonde tone, you’ve found the stylist you’re looking for! Chloe has a passion for blonding, dimensional colors, and making you laugh along the way. Book your consult online, give the salon a call, or check out her work on Instagram!

Sami G

Level Two Stylist

Sam’s experience with art and expression are what led her to the beauty world. Equipped with a spunky personality, she’s ready to take on any challenge. Her passion for style leads her to be hip to new trends. From lived in color to vivids, braids to up-do’s, and everything in between; Sam is the kind of stylist that will hype you up and have you leaving the salon prepared to take on the world.


Level Two Stylist

Meet Heather, a creative and passionate hairstylist who is 21 years old that was born and raised in Rochester, NY. From a young age, Heather had always been drawn towards the world of beauty and has turned her passion into a successful career as a hairstylist/NBR artist.

Heather has developed a strong expertise in Natural Beaded Row (NBR)® Extensions, Blonding and Vivid Coloring. Whether it’s installing a flawless application technique that leaves your extensions looking natural, achieving your perfect shade of blonde or a more daring change with a bright vivid, it is guaranteed Heather will make her guests look and feel their very best.

When Heather is not in the salon, she is planning her next adventure around the world or spending time with her pup and toad.


Level One Stylist

Danielle, a Rochester native, has always possessed a keen sense of style and an appreciation for beauty. With a belief that a visit to the salon should be a pleasant and calming experience, Danielle strives to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for her clients. She goes above and beyond to ensure that her clients feel comfortable and valued during their appointments.

Striving to cater to her clients easygoing lifestyle Danielle loves to create low maintenance yet trendy hairstyles for her clients.

Outside of the salon, Danielle enjoys spending quality time with her loved ones and close friends. She also loves taking leisurely walks with her dog and delving into the vibrant and diverse culinary offerings that Rochester has to offer.


Associate Stylist

As someone that likes to change up their look often herself, Cara knows all too well about needing to switch things up. Whether it’s a daring new style or a vibrant color you’ve been wanting to try out for yourself, Cara may be the one for you. Her main goal is to help create the best, most confident version of yourself all while chatting and laughing through every step of the way.

When Cara’s out of the salon she enjoys playing and listening to music as well as watching cringey movies and shows with friends. So if you’re in need of a transformation and a stylist that’ll treat you like a best friend, book with Cara today!


Salon Coordinator/Social Marketing Manager & Front Desk Lead

With Rhiannon’s passion for the beauty industry, she was a great fit for our Salon Coordinator position. Not only is she the new smiling face that will greet you in the Salon, you will also see her keeping up our social media with her professional photography skills. We also welcomed her makeup skills acquired from graduating the Masters Program at Makeup Designery NYC and she will offer travel makeup services through the salon. Eager to build a name for herself in the industry, Rhiannon is driven by making people look and feel their best with the use and knowledge of all things beauty!